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Compost Manure
$20.00 per yard
$7.99 per bag 
Whittier Farms Landscaping Materials
Whittier Farms offers the following landscaping materials to help your lawn and garden look great this year. 
Delivery starts $30.00 per load and is determined by town and quantity. 
If you are picking up, we generally have operators on site from 9am-5pm.  
Our bagged products are approximately 1.5 cubic feet of material.

Whittier Farms works with homeowners and contractors to make your landscaping project a success. 
Screened Loam        
$26.00 per yard
$9.99 per bag
1/2 inch by 6 screen
Hemlock All-Natural Mulch
 (Natural Red Color)
$43.00 per yard
$11.49 per bag 
Midnight Mulch
$39.00 per yard
$10.99 per bag
Additional Products
Crushed Gravel
Wood Chips
Hay Bales - Sold Out Until the 2018 Harvest
Straw Bales - Sold Out Until the 2018 Harvest

Prices are subject to change. 
$120 - Pallet of Wood
$225 - Cord Wood - Delivery Available