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Sutton, MA 
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Retail Store Open Year Round
Call: 508-865-1053 
Compost Manure
$20.00 per yard
$7.99 per bag 
Whittier Farms Landscaping Materials
Whittier Farms offers the following landscaping materials to help your lawn and garden look great this year. 
Delivery starts $30.00 per load and is determined by town and quantity. 
If you are picking up, we generally have operators on site from 9am-5pm.  
Our bagged products are approximately 1.5 cubic feet of material.

Whittier Farms works with homeowners and contractors to make your landscaping project a success. 
Screened Loam        
$26.00 per yard
$9.99 per bag
1/2 inch by 6 screen
Hemlock All-Natural Mulch
 (Natural Red Color)
$43.00 per yard
$11.49 per bag 
Midnight Mulch
$39.00 per yard
$10.99 per bag
Additional Products
Crushed Gravel
Wood Chips
Cord Wood
Wheelbarrow of Wood
Hay Bales - Sold out until 2017 Harvest
Straw Bales 

During the summer, we do typically sell hay by the trailer load as it is available. For large quantities of hay and straw throughout the year, please call Wayne Whittier at 508-865-1096 
Prices are subject to change.